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  XIANTAO FUSHI PROTECTIVE PRODUCTS CO.,LTD. is a manufacturer, specialized in all kinds of products for safety protective and healthcare field.Products are largely used in industry safety, hospital medical care, laboratory, food processing, agriculture,

  hotel, restaurant, butchery, and etc.

  FULLSTAR NONWOVEN PRODUCTS CO., LTD.’s predecessor is named XIANTAO FUSHI PROTECTIVE PRODUCTS CO., LTD. which started in 1993 as a non woven disposable manufacturer. With market demand growth, conventional disposable products may hardly meet end clients’ high request, at this time. FULLSTAR NONWOVEN PRODUCTS CO., LTD. was built.

  Newly established FULLSTAR NONWOVEN PRODUCTS CO., LTD. has 2 plants & 1 industrial zone & 1 import & export company, which covers a land of 95,000 square meters, around 1,200 workers. Production capacity can reach 100x40HQ containers per month.

  Product range is expanding from normal disposable mask, cap, gown, coverall, shoe cover to more various medical & safety products, such as under pad, swab, shopping bag, etc.

  All products comply with ISO manufacturing regulations and process (ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485) strictly, and conform to international standards as CE, Nelson, TYPE 5&6, FDA registered, etc.

  With competitive price, high quality products, on time delivery, excellent service, FULLSTAR NONWOVEN PRODUCTS CO., LTD. is confident on being the most reliable supplier in China.

  FULLSTAR NONWOVEN PRODUCTS CO., LTD. is looking forward to cooperating with you for growing together.


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