AAMI Level – Isolation Gown

What is AAMI Standard?

The AAMI Standard (Advancement of Medical Instrumentation “AAMI” PB70 standard) classifies surgical gowns into four categories based on their liquid barrier performance using a combination of industry standard tests.

AAMI Guidelines: A Reliable Benchmark for Protection Protective apparel must meet minimum performance standards for strength, barrier protection and fluid resistance to ensure the safety of healthcare workers and patients. AAMI guidelines are a widely accepted system of classification for protective apparel and drapes based on liquid barrier performance. To fully qualify as an AAMI rated product, the gowns must be tested and each gown must be labeled to indicate the level of protection provided.

This standard provides stratification of apparel protection based on liquid barrier performance and a benchmark to help determine the most appropriate protection for a particular task or clinical situation.

AAMI Level 1   Light weight Gown protection against minimal level spray impact. Recommended for: Transporting patients, Basic patient care Laundry, Housekeeping

AAMI Level 2    Medium weight Gown

protection against low levels of fluid pressure and spray impact. Recommended for: Suturing, blood draw, inserting I.V. lines, specimen handling, drawing arterial blood ICU, Hyperbaric and Dialysis Units, Labs and Pathology, Nursery

AAMI Level 3   Heavy weight Gown

provide high barrier protection to fluids while remaining comfortable. Recommended for: Drawing arterial blood, inserting I.V. lines ER, Trauma, Burn Units, Critical Care Units

AAMI Level 4

Advanced protection that is comfortable for your high risk situations ,comprised of several layers of different fabrics combined to be comfortable and protective.


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